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Monday, February 6, 2017

Sleek Makeup Review: i-Lust and i-Divine palettes

Using Paper Bag from Palette n°2 as a base, and Radiant and Trillion from palette n°1 in the middle of the lead and in the inner corner.

Hi everyone it's me Marianne and today I am going to review 2 eyeshadow palettes from the brand Sleek makeup.

Palette n°1:
Price i paid: 6,95€ on sale on Sephora France website
Price on the Sleek Makeup website: 10.95€

A palette of 6 beautiful shiny rose gold eyeshadows, 4 pressed-on powder eyeshadows (the 4 colors in the middle, Trillion, Princess, Asscher and Marquise) inspired by diamonds, even the names are diamond cuts.
And 2 cream eyeshadows (Solitaire and Radiant) that can be use on their own or as a base for the eyeshadows for even more pigment and shine.

I think it's an amazing, beautiful palette, the shine is amazing, the color range is beautiful, and it's definitly worth the price. Could be used as highlighter

Good points: low price, beautiful colors, gorgeous shine, and you have both cream and powder eyeshadows
Bad points: could be a little bit more pigmented, i have to put 2 layersto have the same color as in the palette, specially for the darkest one.

My Note: 9/10

Using Marquise from palette n°1 on the lead, Maple from palette n°2 in the crease and bottom crease, and asscher and radiant from palette n°1 as highlight

Palette n°2:
Price i paid: 12.50€
Price on Sleek's website: 10.49€

A palette of 12 extremely matte shadows, with a very diverse and beautiful range of colors. You have nudes, bright colors and dark colors. My favorite is Villains, it's this beautiful purple with red undertones. You also have a real bright purple with Highness, a redish-fall-orange color with Maple which i think is a perfect name for this color, I love the fact that there is a plain white, black and grey (Pillow talk, Thunder and Noir). Paper Bag is the perfect brown color. The first one, orbit, it's this beautiul turquoise color, The nude ones, dune and flesh, are beautiful and probably the most pigmented, the only thing is i don't like the name flesh, not everyone's skin is like that. But i do think any skin tone could use it beautifully.

A palette worth the price as well, you have an amazing range of colors, you could do any style and the colors are pigmented and easy to build and blend.

Good points: Beautiful color range, pigmented, would fit many style/skin tone. very low price for 12 shadows this quality.
Bad points: just like the other palette, some colors could be a little bit more pigmented, like thunder, which is one of my favorite but i really have to build it to make it work.

My note: 8/10

using a mix of orbit, highness and thunder rom palette n°2 on the crease, pillow talk from the same palette as highlight and solitaire from palette n°1 as shine to build the highlight.

Overall i think these are beautiful palettes, for this price you have a good quality and a great range of colors. I will buy Sleek's products again definitively.

Using Thunder from palette n°2 on the crease, orbit on the bottom crease/ bottom lashline. And Solitaire from palette n°1 in the inner corner.

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