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Friday, October 21, 2016

"The Pretty Reckless - Who you selling for" thoughts and review

Today i want to talk about an album, a new one, from my favorite band, which is the Pretty Reckless, with "Who you selling for"

We first heard Take me down, then Oh my god and Prisoner, which gave us a general idea of the record, a very personal tale told by Taylor Momsen's voice and writing along with Ben Phillips, Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins instruments.

The rest of the album goes even deeper into the subject, very raw, soulful rock'n'roll like we didn't hear in years on the mainstream radios.

I really felt close to the lyrics, i get the feeling that it's about running away not only from the world but also from your personal demons, depression, anxiety caused by the everyday pressure.

The first 5 songs being about fighting in this world, selling your soul to the "devil" for rock'n'roll, everybody wanting to get to you, all of this getting into your head.

Then it's about running away from all of that, a very powerful quote in back to river "going back to the river where the devil can't find me" the devil being Momsen's personified depression. We can see the struggle, the confusion in "who you selling for" and "already dead" and then going back to the harsh reality in "The Devil's back" the devil, again, depression.

Musically, it's the best the ever did, giving us new materials, going on unknown territory, it's their most diverse album. It's heavy, original, clever even.

Hangman is the most diverse track, from the instruments to Taylor's voice, it's one of my favorite.

My personal favorite being to Devil's back, which is a very soulful (Pink Floyd - inspired) song. The lyrics are of course very meaningfull and i feel like it can hint to the direction the band is going to musically and lyrically speaking.

Living in the storm is also an amazing song, raw, angry, Taylor's screams just get to your soul. I love the link to the song "Already dead" in the lyrics i find it very clever. I hope Taylor will write more like that in the future.

Mad Love is an unexpected but amazing song. I do feel like it doesn't belong with the rest of the album, but it was added later as a tribute to David Bowie and it's still an amazing song, it adds diversity to the record. Very funky, 90s, almost psychadelic, if you don't feel like listen to an emotional song and want something to wake up in a good that's the song for you !

Overall, "who you selling for" is an amazing album, classic rock is back and the world needed it ! The Pretty Reckless have an amazing carreer ahead and that's only their 3rd album ! No matter what artist or kind of songs you like, you will find (at least) a song to love on Who you selling for.

Available now everywhere !

My note: 8/10 (one of the best album i've heard, and i think they can even do better which is a good thing, after hearing living in the storm/ already dead i would find interesting for them to do an album with one recurring theme going on in all the songs and the same melody and lyrics coming back, like Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood)

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