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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Liquid matte lipsticks ALIEXPRESS - Fake Kylie lipsticks / Lime crime and other DUPES

Hi everyone ! I'm here to talk about my bost recent purchase, matte liquid lipsticks from Aliexpress !

What i bought:

- 12 lip pencils - 2.50$
- 6 "Kylie cosmetics" copies - 1.33$ each
 - 3 "Lime Crime" copies - 1.11$ each
- 1 "NYX" copy - 0.93$
- 5 "Me Now long lasting" lipsticks - 0.51$ each

 The lip pencils:
 I bought this particular lip pencils bundle because of the variety of colors, you have browns, nudes, purples, pinks, reds...for only 2.50$ the 11 lip pencils and one black eyeliner They are creamy and very pigmented, I was very surprised by how easy the application was.

You can buy the exact product HERE
wearing "koko K" - Kylie lipsticks
The Kylie lipsticks: 
 I bought the Kylie lipsticks alone, because Aliexpress does have the lipkits, but the color did not match and they were double the price than the lipsticks alone, so i rather bought the lip pencils alone at 2.50 than pay 3 dollars each kit for it to not match !

 I choose the colors Dolce K, True Brown K, Koko K, Posie K, Reign and Kourt K. I was surprised by the quality ! I honestly had trouble taking it off my hand when i did the swatches ! The colors are gorgeous, I think they maych pretty well the real ones
 However they are ALL matte lipsticks, even those who are supposed to be glosses or metalics, i didn't buy glosses because of the comments saying they were mattes, i however bought the Reign one which is supposed to be a metalic but is really not. there is a couple glitters in it but that's it. I don't complain for the price (1.33) and the color is still gorgeous !

 You can buy them HERE

Wearing the color "14" by Lime Crime
The Lime Crime/ NYX
 I bought the 3 lime crime and the NYX lipstick at the same seller, for more unsual colors than the previous ones, the colors are extremly pigmented and dries very fast ! the packaging is very cute and looks like the real ones, again a great deal for the price (1.11 and 0.93)

 You can buy them HERE and HERE

 The "Me now long lasting" lipsticks: 
 Those are the cheapest ones (0.51 !) and you can kinda see it by the quality, but it's still pretty good for that ridiculously cheap price ! it dries very fast and are very pigmented, but be ready to carry them with you, because you'll need to re-do it through the day.

 You can buy them HERE

 To conclued, i think those lipsticks are great for the price, they stay on long and are very pigmented, it's a good way to have many colors if like me, you like to change often, i only can't critize them when they are 30 times cheaper than real ones and still do their job right. You can find more colors and products if my links don't work by simply looking for it on Aliexpress. The delivery took ~ 1 month and is FREE, and i actually paid even less than the price above by ordering through the Aliexpress app, i advise you to do so as well !

wearing "06" by lime crime and "reign" by kylie on top

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